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A soldier of the SS Norwegian Legion armed with a MG-34 machine gun passes through an area of the battlefield on the Eastern front that, as the sign warns, is visible to the enemy for 100 meters. [x]

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German soldiers listen as one plays the accordion during a lull in the fighting in the Belgorod region, 1943. [x]

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A Soviet cameraman prepares to shoot, hiding behind the corner of a building opposite the Ministry of Agriculture, Martyrs Square in Budapest, 1945. [x]

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Servicemen of the 82nd Airborne Division play poker. [x]

Arab cavalry of the British Army parade in streets of Jerusalem in honor of King George VI’s birthday, 1945. [x]

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The commander and crew of a German U-177 submarine survey their surroundings while surfaced and on patrol in the south Atlantic, 1943. [x]

Soviet soldiers fighting in the streets of Stalino - now known as Donetsk - in Ukraine, 1943. [x]

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The German 7th Panzer Division drives past a burning Soviet truck, a group of Soviet POWs to the right, Smolensk region, 1941. [x]

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An American pilot flies his B-17 Flying Fortress back to base following a mission, with other B-17 bombers of the 96th Bombardment Group seen ahead, 1943. [x]

A soldier of the Arab Legion desert patrol takes part in the 24th anniversary celebrations of the Arab Revolt - in which King Hussein bin Ali, with the help of the British, declared the independence of the Arab states from the Ottoman Empire - in Amman, 1940. [x]