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The Indian operator of a light armored vehicle displays bullets for the vehicle’s guns as he patrols in the Egyptian desert, 1942. [x

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An American soldier listening to a speaker at a debating society meeting in the Freemason’s Arms pub in Hampstead, London, during 1945. [x]

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Okinawa, April - June 1945: An American rocket ship fires a salvo of rockets during the bombardment of Okinawa. [x]

Members of the ship’s company on board HMS KELVIN watching a boxing match beneath a pair of the destroyer’s 4.7 inch guns whilst the ship was in harbour at Malta. [x]

Indian troops wade ashore at Akyab, Burma, January 1945. [x]

The British Royal Air Force plays against the Army in a football match at the St Eugene Sports Stadium in Algiers, Algeria on Boxing Day 1943: Aircraftman McGuiggan of the RAF league, who played centre forward, pushes the ball past the Army league goalkeeper to score the RAF’s first goal (final score: RAF 5 Army 1). [x]

"Local partisans are giving valuable assistance to British troops on the 5th Army sector of the Italian front. They carry out night patrols from which important information about the enemy is gathered, and also help to round up suspects and check on isolated farmhouses in the neighbouring hills. In this image some Partisans approach an isolated house whilst they are covered by their comrades, armed with rifles and Tommy guns." [x]

Two Indian soldiers using a Bren light machine gun in the Italian campaign near Villa Grande, 15 January 1944. [x]

Soviet soldiers speak with children liberated from Auschwitz, 1945. [x]